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Marco Nori was born in Italy in 1978 and majored in Economics and Industrial Management at LUISS in Rome.

He began his career at ISOLFIN in 2002, where he quickly reached the Chief Executive Officer position. In 2010, Nori acquired the majority of shares of the company, and in ten years, he became the sole owner of ISOLFIN. Since then, the company has increased its annual revenues by five times.


Nori is married with 3 children, and lives in Lugano, Switzerland. He is a passionate private pilot and scuba diver and is a member of the Swiss Journalists Association.

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At the helm of ISOLFIN, Marco Nori pursues a digitalization strategy in its key sectors, making it a leading company in the global energy sector.

He has embraced a corporate responsible approach, to deliver ecologically and socially sustainable services to reduce his company activity footprint.

This is the reason he has promoted ISOLFIN membership to Cisambiente, the Italian industry association committed to protecting the environment and has signed the Green Deal for Italy and the2030 CEOs Letter. He has also recently joined the Council for Inclusive Capitalism as a steward to put ISOLFIN at the forefront of building a fairer and more sustainable future for the people and the planet.

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